Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Works in Spaces: Practice Intervention exercise

This is really very simple.

You can work by yourself, or in paris or teams, as you wish, recruit fellow students to your intervention etc. And if you're recruited as part of somebody else's intervention, you can still do your own.

Choose a place. Consider how the place is "produced" through visible rules and regulations, how it restricts or guides or creates behavior and being. Consider how the place is USED. What do people do when they use the space/ place? What kind of practices do people have in the place? What kind of practices, usage, makes the place - and how? Into what kind of place?

Make in intervention, which makes visible how the place is produced, and/ or how it is used. The intervention can be a small thing, or a "big" visible event.

Document the intervention. A good thing would be to have a picture of the place as it is - and a picture that shows your intervention in the place. Add the place and the pics to the map (hopefully created by able people).

We will have monday 26th for you to work on the place and the intervention - if you need that.
On tuesday and wednesday we will go round and visit the places, and see the interventions on the spot. To plan this a little we need to have some kind of list, the places, and some sense of what will there be - is it like a sticker that can seen at any time or a performance that takes place at a certain time etc.

Wednesday afternoon we can discuss the experience. (Or, we can walk the interventions on tuesday, and use all of wednesday to discuss the interventions.)

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