Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Conceptual Practices

Final exercise - this is very simple too!

use the teams you had for practice in practice.

The teams chooses one text, from the list. Everybody reads the text.
After this the team meets to discuss the text. And focuses on one concept present in the text, which you find you can identify in some other exercise - the one your group did, or the intervention exercise.

11.12 we will have 15min to discuss the concept chosen by each group, and what kind of use they could find for the concept.

And some extra time to discuss your experience of the whole course.

List of readings:

You can use any of the texts we have already gone through:

Or choose one from the following options (for the texts, consult Taina and Reijo):

  • Martin Heidegger: The Origin of the Work of Art
  • Giorgio Agamben: The Coming Community (First four short chapters: Whatever, From Limbo, Example and Taking Place.
  • Michel De Certeau: Making do: Uses and Tactics. In The Practice of Everyday.
  • Michel De Certeau: Walking in the City. In The Practice of Everyday.
  • Doreen Massey: Opening Propositions. In For Space.
  • Paolo Virno: People vs Multitude. In A Grammar of the Multitude.

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